Brilliance Ink Pads - Pearlescent Poppy

Item #:Brilliance-PearlPoppy
Stamp Size:3.75 x 2.625 inches
Recommended Surfaces:Coated and Uncoated Paper, Vellum

Brilliance pigmented ink pads are water-based; archival and acid free. They come in a wide range of contemporary colors in shimmery and matte finishes. Brilliance ink pads are designed for use with a wide variety of surfaces such as: coated and uncoated paper, vellum, photo grade paper, tanned leather, cellophane, polymer clay, shrink-wrap plastic, terracotta and polymer clay.

The innovative design is easy to hold and features a raised ink pad that allows you to dab your stamp for the most even ink distribution. Make sure to keep the air-tight plastic cover closed after use. Do not allow the ink pad to dry completely.

Rich Brilliance pigmented ink dries quickly on many surfaces and dries naturally on vellum.